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Basic training tips-

Several shorter practice sessions are better than one long one.

Concentrate on the parts of the track where you are weakest, not just your favourite bits.

Try to complete at least two or three full laps of the track at race speed during each practice session.

Gates, gates, gates.... This is the most important part of the race so make sure you spend enough time on gate practice and work on good technique (it’s not just about pedaling hard)

When not at the track you should practice sprints, this is pedaling at maximum speed for a set distance. Sprints are very important to both cadence (how fast you can spin your pedals) but also general pedal technique. Try and learn to spin your legs in smooth circles rather than pushing one leg at a time.

Try not to practice when you are tired, if you get tired then rest or go away and come back another day.

One big tip to be going on with….


Decoy BMX Coaching.

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